A neighbour, out here at his holiday house for Christmas, went to the supermarket, opened the car boot and found a rat sitting there grinning at him. He put his shopping next to the dog in the back seat and, once home, dismantled the lining of the boot but found nothing. He left the lid open and a couple of times during the day, saw the rat sitting on the edge of the car sunning itself but the thing went back into hiding when he approached. He left a trail of tasty goodies down a plank of wood to the ground overnight, but the rat simply ate them and returned to its lair. He was getting a bit windy, being due to drive back to the UK and the rat was unlikely to have had its rabies shots, but he caught it out for a walk and managed to bop it with a golf club.
It froze overnight – just a bit, but it was enough to tempt the grandson to cut his patch of grass while it was still dark and then pressure wash the mower. He then heaved his washing machine to the side of his house, dropped the waste pipe into the village drain, brought out his washing powder and ran it through a cycle. He then pressure washed the machine inside and out, taking care to do the back to clear cobwebs out of the electric wiring. He hauled it back indoors just before dark.

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