The maire is mortified. The largest number of votes in the commune was cast for Le Pen. She received 42% of the vote. Macron was second with 26% on a turn out of 76%. It’s a long day in the polling station. There’s another day of it for the second round and, in June, two more days will be taken up for the election of deputies for the National Assembly. It seems unnecessary to have two rounds for them, but unless one candidate gets more than half the votes in the first round, then a second round takes place.
People trickle in one or twos to vote and linger for a good gossip. The dissident faction in the village, all nine of them, turned up in a mob and we looked at them sourly, knowing such knuckle draggers would all be voting NF. The clan patriarch has aligned himself firmly against them and made his feelings abundantly clear even though half the of them are his own descendants. One dissident works for the enterprise that is digging trenches for the cables. He had a 50-yard commute but made the error of whingeing about the maire. Consequently he was removed from the job and now has to commute daily to Toulouse. I don’t listen to the Archers but the drama in this community seems like a crude caricature of what goes on there.

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