Lucy dog was sterilised yesterday and was very miserable in the evening but bouncy again this morning. Last night she lay on the sofa and wept. I had asked for an extra morphine dose in case she seemed in pain, but the vet said he’d come out and administer it himself if she needed it. So instead of adding to the bill I sat beside her and stroked her. This did the trick. I have not got healing hands but she settled and went to sleep. I am not a believer in the placebo effect as far as I am concerned but it certainly worked for her. Now she is preoccupied with trying to remove her dressing that is attached with industrial adhesive. This is a good plot as she leaves the wound alone.
I put in a claim for damages resulting from the dry weather shrinking the soil and causing subsidence. There’s a window of a week to claim when a thumping grant is available, provided a secheresse is declared in your commune. This house is said to have been built in 1745, so it’s been here a while without collapse, but the maire pointed out various cracks. Although there is one that gives rise to mild concern, to my eye they add character. A friend was given a quote of €2000 to repair a crack a couple of years ago, but the expert came to look and managed to up the claim by a factor of ten.

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