The gendarmes were out again, this time summoned by the grandson and his cohorts among the village dissidents. The document we produced in support of our claim to the boundary wall was a forgery and thus criminal. The particular problem was that, alongside the details of the position of the boundary marker, someone had handwritten that we owned the wall. A little claque of his supporters showed this falsification to three gendarmes at the other side of the square. We were not arrested or even consulted. Apparently it is entirely normal that any of the parties concerned should make such a notation, and it was obvious that the handwriting was that of the grandson’s mother, one of the four who had witnessed and agreed the affidavit. I have prepared a letter saying that should we have any further problem about the boundary we will go before a tribunal. This would be expensive and the loser would pay all costs. I have been advised not to point this out since it could be considered a threat. I don’t know why, but I will take the advice and hold my peace for a bit.
The hunt trawled the grounds of the chateau yesterday. Spectating from the terrace is one of the most exciting things that takes place in our dogs’ lives. About 10 great rollicking hounds were decanted from trailers and hullaballooed off with stout hunters in dayglo orange in attendance. They disappeared round the back of the building. Five minutes later a couple of deer delicately bounded past in the opposite direction. A hunter appeared and hid behind a clump of bushes. A deer tiptoed behind him and crossed the road in front of us. Both our dogs barked frantically but across at the chateau nobody was listening and the deer made its way down the path in front of the terrace in the direction of the mairie. I don’t think anything was shot and they all went away after an hour.

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