We were visited by the surveyor who was the author of the document that declared that the wall between this property and the grandson’s belongs to us and cannot be interfered with by him. The poor man nearly lost his rag and stumped off after an hour declaring that it was impossible to have a rational conversation with our neighbour. I could have told him that beforehand. The upshot is that the grandson must make good the damage caused to the wall and reinstate the original boundary but I may have to start legal things to make this happen. I would warn him of this, which would ultimately save him money since he would have to pay the costs, but there is nobody who can get through to him. Since the start of our dispute he has not made any noise across the hedge and, since peace is our ultimate goal, sleeping dogs will be left to lie for the time being. The village dissidents have championed the grandson’s cause and threatened the maire with an all-out war. Bring it on was his response. Living in a community many of whose inhabitants revel in conflict is tedious.


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