The annual prune of the mulberry took place. Experience has taught that the job can be done in some three hours and the remains taken to the communal truck by the front gate and removed. This must be done before the leaves fall; otherwise they are trapped inside the garden and blow around in great drifts. I now need two sets of loppers. The spread of the foundation branches was trimmed a couple of years ago and the tree responded by producing shoots of prodigious thickness. Another couple of years and it will need a chainsaw to cut them.
I went round the commune with the maire delivering invitations for the Remembrance ceremony on 11th Nov. It was a peripatetic constituency surgery. What has the little iron cross by my great aunt’s grave disappeared from the cemetery? Will you act as go between as I wish to rent a patch of my neighbour’s land? Do I need planning permission to change my windows?
Summer ended the day before yesterday. At the moment 12 tits are at the peanuts in front of the French windows. The nuts have been stored over the summer and are riddled with moth larvae, which seem to make the nuts even more popular with the birds.

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