We had a good turnout for Remembrance Day at the War memorial – four Brits, a brace of Belgians and some 30 French, all from this commune. This year it took place at 10.30, which is worrying for Brits since we expect it at 11 and here our one-minute silence takes place whenever the maire finishes reading the message provided by the Minister of Defence. Then everyone repairs to the salle de fetes for a drink and nibbles. None of the village dissidents attend since they seem to feel that by being there it would show support for the maire and the current regime. I spoke to one resident, originally from northern France, who said that he found it remarkable that so many places hereabout were riven with dissent. It wasn’t the same where he came from. I think it’s the same in every small community or organisation. Round here many people have hardly ever been more than a couple of miles from home and all their passions are poured into this tiny society.

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