The village is even more hushed than usual. Lucydog/Noisette’s owners are off for 10 days. She has a magnificent straw-filled kennel in a well-sealed compound. There she spends the day. She is fed twice daily by neighbours and at night she goes into the house. She even is taken for the odd walk. But this is not enough. If she hears anyone or sees anyone through the fence, she howls, long and loud. The grandson would howl curses back at her initially but even he realised this only encouraged her. So now we tend to talk in whispers and tiptoe. Our dogs cower at the idea of having her back to stay.

In 25 years, those of us still alive will be able to read the results of the Royal Commission on the Brexit Affair. Aside from Ken Clark, I can’t think of anyone that might be worthy of much less than stinging criticism. In a just world there ought to be a few treason charges around, although I suspect rank stupidity and incompetence may be a defence.

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