I collected someone from the airport yesterday evening and found myself mixed up in with the Gloucester rugby team coming off the same aircraft to play Agen. I travelled out with them once before and was awe-inspired by the sheer quantity of beef of which they were constructed. This time they didn’t seem so tall but their bulk was just as impressive and it seemed rather odd that so many of them were travelling in short trousers and displaying their mighty thighs since the temperature was no more than 7 degrees. They were met by fans bearing photographs of individual members of the team who hunted through the crush to find their desired player to sign his likeness. Apparently the flight was mostly the team and their groupies and most of the time they were taking selfies of each other.
My visitor watched them play some French team in the UK. Afterwards the fans all got pissed together. Most of the French missed their flight home and spent the night with their UK counterparts.

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