Like most of rural France we burn logs. We also have oil heating, but the idea is that the system uses much less oil if the fire is lit and the fuel expense comes out much the same. I have never tested this theory and know nobody who has done so. This season we have been supplied wood of outstanding quality. I’m told it has been seasoned for a minimum of five years and never emits the least crackle or pop. Because the logs are so good, we light the fire more often use more of them. We buy €70 a time and this could be a cord, a stere, a cubic metre, or a tonne, or even half of each. I have no idea about such measurements. But our consumption is much greater than in previous years. I’m hoping our oil bill will reflect this. There can be few service industries whose sales are so directly related to the quality of the product.
I had a friend staying. In the afternoon he’d begin to twitch and then take himself to pound the local roads. I inquired why he felt this need. Because his fitbit told him to. This device is strapped to his wrist and tells him whether or not he is dead. So far the news has been good but to maintain this status he has to take 10,000 steps a day. He recommended I get one but there seems little point in trying to keep healthy so long as I keep smoking.

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