Although not every detail is yet completed it appears that the chateau has new owners. He’s a Scot and she is English. Who’d’ve thought it?
Another curiosity was the examination of the headless corpse meant to be that of the decapitated Lord Lovat executed in the Tower in 1747. My US-based coz – now in his late 80s and unnaturally perky with it – is supposed to be descended from his younger brother and thus has been robbed of his rightful inheritance. This week the corpse turned out to be that of a young woman, hence no useful DNA could be found to establish the truth – or at least the likelihood – of this claim. However this has concentrated minds of those who are interested and various researchers have come, blinking, into the light of day and seem to have proved the claim correct. I don’t think this adds much to the grand scheme of things but my coz will be shepherding a gaggle of old ladies to France this summer and I will be properly respectful.

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