The chateau buyer has withdrawn. One began to have doubts when he asked for ideas to bring in revenue while it was being renovated – camp site, market garden, small holding were his own suggestions. The land has a value and there might be a few quid in scrap value for its building materials but, as has been the case for years, it needs someone with money to burn to fall in love with it, as there are plenty of smart buildings around for half the cost of putting it right. And that cost continually rises as it decays. Whoopee for a peaceful summer, although there is a dark cloud on the horizon in the shape of another interested party.
I heard of yet another village that is riven with dissent, the cause being the prospective sale of a €15,000 pigeonnier. Such strife seems to be the norm. Our own dissidents have broken all contact with the rest of the community, which prevents any more clashes.

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