BA cancelled 60 flights the morning I flew out of Heathrow, so I felt lucky to escape. I find flying and the necessary hanging around inexpressibly tedious and, being long, the seats are horribly cramped. My first ever flight was on a Dakota from Glasgow to Tiree and that was the only one that’s ever been fun.
I had a routine visit to the doc this morning. The surgery was full of folk squeaking with excitement at the inch of snow that was in the midst of falling outside. It’s already going slushy and I have every hope that it will disappear by nightfall. Snow is only bearable if one has skis strapped to one’s feet and that has not been the case for me for nigh on 40 years. The maire, also squeaking with excitement, visited and snapped the snowy chateau from our terrace to send to its buyers. They thought it lovely. They hope to complete the purchase by the beginning of the summer and to do enough of a restoration to enough of the interior to be able to move in by Christmas. They seem pleasant people, obviously optimistic by nature, and should be an asset to the village. Three baby girls have blessed the commune over the past few months, the first births for several years.

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