I think my manflu must be proper flu since I’m still a puddle of spluttering misery. I was being joined on the trip to the UK by my South Africa-based sister, but her health isn’t up to it either. A couple of grand’s worth of travel costs have been pissed away as it didn’t occur to me to insure against cancellation. At least I don’t seem to have infected anyone else.

We had an 8 year-old here for a few days while his parents went on a jaunt to New York. He bonded big time with both Poonkie and Tim next door. The former was all about Ball – pink and ricocheting round the ground floor – and Tim was mainly about computer games. However it looks as though there will be exchange visits and such things in the pipeline later on.

The village matriarch and the patriarch are in hospital. The former is having bits lopped off due to diabetes and is not in good nick. Apparently her heart is rock solid, but not much else is. Her husband has demanded that they chop off his leg, put in a fake knee and then stick it all back together. He’s been hirpling around quite well for years, so it shows a certain faith in the future at 79.

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