Would I represent the village at the Carottes ceremony? That’s the local commemoration for the Resistance. I do my best to avoid Frenchmen giving speeches and, since nobody would know who I was anyway, it would not bring shame to the commune if I were not there. So I won’t be.

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My conscience is reasonably clear but it’s hard not to twitch a bit when the gendarmes park quite so close to the back window for more than an hour. I only know three or four of them by name but neither of the two who were visiting the village. Like British policemen, they get younger by the year.

At the moment a queen European hornet is quietly cruising the interior of the house looking for a place for a nest. They are peaceful, courteous creatures that will hover in front of you for a moment or two before moving on. When their curiosity is satisfied they fly out the window with none of the frantic battering and buzzing of lesser insects. Or the panic of a bird that comes in by mistake.

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