We were invited to lunch, a barbecue. The table was in the midst of the mating ground of a group of white admiral butterflies. They sat on our heads, on our shoulders and waited for a female to come by with whom to copulate. I am no good at sexing white admirals but nothing seemed to turn up. What did arrive was a large bat and it certainly ticked the boxes. It darted about for ten minutes with all the butterflies hot on its tail. I don’t suspect any of them had their wicked way with it.

I’ve given up smoking once more. I do this quite often but have, so far, not managed to make it stick. The trouble is that I don’t try very hard because I decided that it’s probable that I will die of something and it might as well be tobacco. But I checked the age of my heart. It’s 95 according to the questionnaire. Sod that. If it’s that far gone, I see no point in trying to be healthy.

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