The end

I’ve been doing this blog for more than eight years – 300,000 words’ worth – and I reckon it’s time I stopped. It began as a way of reminding myself what happened and what struck me as odd or interesting about life in France compared to the UK. But France is now what is normal and something has to be very odd indeed before I notice.

There’s also a serious drawback to this kind of blog and that’s because I live here, which makes it impossible to mention much of what happens because it would cause offence. Perforce the most interesting and bizarre events have to be omitted or heavily censored. If you, dear reader, have been following it for a while and will feel deprived, I apologise. The site is paid for until next year, so it’ll still be here. Perhaps I may even add the occasional piece to it, if I don’t lose any more marbles.

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